commander. Since Mitsuya and the captain of the fourth division Smiley have been : Mangamefi

“Black Dragons” and “Christmas Showdown” storylines
Takemichi discovers once again, upon his return to the present, that the Tokyo Manji Gang has grown into a sizable criminal enterprise as a result of absorbing the Black Dragons. He also finds out that the organization is still killing his pals. When he goes back in time, he discovers that Hakkai Shiba was given the order to quit the Tokyo Manji Gang and join the Black Dragons by Taiju, the current head of the Black Dragons and Hakkai’s domineering elder brother. The fusion of the Tokyo Manji Gang and the Black Dragons is impacted by this occurrence. He discovers this knowledge when he goes back in time. In exchange for Yuzuha, the Shiba brothers’ sister, no longer working for the Black Dragons, and for Taiju being prohibited from abusing her, Mitsuya agrees to let Hakkai join. Mitsuya will let Hakkai to join in return. Hakkai confides in Takemichi and Chifuyu before bidding them farewell that Taiju has no intention of keeping his word, and that he wants to kill him as soon as possible in order to free himself and Yuzuha. Then Hakkai bids them goodbye.

The Tokyo Manji Gang rejects Takemichi’s request for help because they don’t want to jeopardize their relationship with Mitsuya by breaking the agreement. Despite their best efforts, he and Chifuyu are only able to convince Kisaki and Hanma to help. They learn that Hakkai plans to assassinate Taiju on December 24, 2005, through Black Dragons members Koko and Inupi. They learn this knowledge together. On December 24, Takemichi approaches them but learns that Kisaki and Hanma have deceived and abandoned him. On the other side, Chifuyu escapes and enlists Mitsuya as a comrade in their conflict with Taiju.

Takemichi understands that in the earlier version of events, Kisaki had forced Yuzuha to murder Taiju, which resulted in Hakkai accepting responsibility for her and being compelled to obey him. Takemichi discovers that Yuzuha had murdered Taiju in the earlier reality after unintentionally saving Taiju from death. Takemichi is able to convince Hakkai to rebel against Taiju in order to protect Yuzuha, and the Black Dragons are finally beaten thanks to Mikey and Draken’s timely arrival. Koko and Inupi joined the Tokyo Manji Gang as Takemichi’s subordinates after the disintegration of the Black Dragons’ 10th generation, taking on the duties of co-leaders of the 11th generation of the Black Dragons. After learning of the treacherous deed Kisaki perpetrated against them, Mikey excommunicates him from their group. The Tokyo Manji Gang is reduced in number by 350 as a consequence of Mikey’s decision, including the departure of Hanma and the prior Moebius and Valhalla members.

Arc Tenjiku
By the time Takemichi returned to the present, Tenjiku had already absorbed the Tokyo Manji Gang after an event that became known as the “Kanto incident.” Mikey was so discouraged by this that he was ready to kill all of his friends. Takemichi and Naoto learned that Kisaki was a member of the Black Dragons and that Shinichiro founded them while conducting their research into Tenjiku. After being ambushed by Tenjiku members and suffering fatal injuries to both of them, Takemichi travels back in time to try to save their lives. Hinata overhears Takemichi grieving Naoto’s death and the knowledge that he had been traveling across time before his dying.

When Takemichi learns that Izana Kurokawa, the chief of Tenjiku, is a close friend of the Sano family, his jealousy causes him to develop anger against Mikey. This is especially relevant in light of the fact that Shinichiro intended for Mikey to take over as the Black Dragons’ commander. Mucho and Sanzu, his deputy captain, have joined Tenjiku throughout all of this, and Koko is forced to join them as well. Inupi leaves the Black Dragons and Takemichi takes over as leader. Inupi tells the Tokyo Manji Gang that Izana is preparing an attack on the Black Dragons’ 11th anniversary, which occurs on February 22nd, 2006. Takemichi is moved by

Takemichi’s tenacity, and Inupi grants Takemichi the position of Black Dragons

commander. Since Mitsuya and the captain of the fourth division Smiley have been

severely injured by Kisaki and Hanma before the combat even starts, Takemichi

loses the support of the other captains on the day of their battle. Additionally,

when Mikey’s half-sister Emma dies, Kisaki is to blame, Mikey and Draken are

saddened. Despite this, Takemichi succeeds in organizing the remaining members

of the Tokyo Manji Gang to fight Tenjiku, despite the fact that Tenjiku has 400

members while the Tokyo Manji Gang only has 50.

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